Our Team

A bird’s-eye view of our flock, flight pattern, and why ascent is our thing.

David de Rox

Founder & General Manager

David serves Spirit-led messengers by assisting them to refine, present and spread their message, grow their brand and income, and become recognized experts, book authors and public speakers through Fervent Ascent Media, his publishing, marketing and branding agency. David’s long and diverse career includes positions in teaching, the ministry, sales and marketing, recruiting, corporate training, publishing and public relations. He has extensive experience in editing, copy-writing, and public speaking.

David is passionate about leveraging for others opportunities for personal growth, creative expression, and impactive contribution. As a holistic change agent, he enjoys catalyzing others to find and fulfill their mission. In his spare time, David enjoys making puns and impersonations, travelling and hikes through natural wonders, writing, photography, composing cinematic music on the piano, and producing multimedia inspirational narrations. He shares 13 children and 11 grandchildren with his wife, business partner and best friend, Angela (see below).

Angela Adsit de Rox

Partner & Muse

Besides HTML, website building and 80’s music, Angela is passionate about and best known for helping relieve others of physical and financial pain. She has helped thousands of individuals improve their health and athletic performance, as well as trained hundreds across the globe to change their wealth by building a successful home-based businessAngela is a certified general and sports nutritionist, former personal trainer and owner of a women’s fitness gym, weight management specialist, and health and wellness coach. She created an online health program once offered in every major city in Canada.

Angela has co-authored four books, one of which became a bestseller. She was also a founder/publisher of a magazine dedicated to helping women promote and market their business. Angela writes regularly for various publications, maintains several of her own blogs, and regularly speaks on topics of health and leadership. She loves learning (currently pursuing her MBA) as well as exploring, travelling, and experiencing cultures with her husband and family.

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