Ascent to Hope: Map to Freedom

Churches and small groups today are faced with a choice: jump into the messy middle with real people, who have real challenges and struggles, or play it safe and say, “Bless your heart, I will pray for you!” from the sidelines.

Companion volume to Ascent to Hope, this handbook is a dual-purpose tool created for small group discussion and individual study as a platform for discipleship that will heal hearts, transform fears to faith, rekindle joy, restore broken lives and engage hope.

Ascent to Hope: Map to Freedom is designed to draw participants out from behind the shame of their problems and challenges to face them head-on together in community. This handbook will equip leaders to have the difficult conversations with as well as guide participants to look inward and upward for their freedom and hope.


Stephanie Winslow

Stephanie Winslow is the proud wife of Marshall and mother of two girls. She spends her days helping women find their voice and making their dreams become a reality in life and business.

In her business Blind Spot Consultants, Stephanie partners with women entrepreneurs to help them build lean processes and strategic plans that will enable them to live their best life.

Stephanie is a Christian author, blogger and speaker. She uses her gifts of writing and speaking to inspire transformational change in the lives of those who need hope, healing and restoration. Stephanie’s passion is to awaken the complacent and comfort the wounded.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys trail running, hiking with family, coffee dates with girlfriends, the comfort of yoga pants, and catching the latest Netflix show with her husband.

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