Messengers: Winds of the Spirit

You make your messengers into winds of the Spirit and all your ministers become flames of fire.

—Psalm 104:4 (TPT)

A common definition of “destiny” is all the events that will certainly, necessarily happen in the future to someone or something—an inescapable fate controlled by a hidden power. But this definition paints us mere mortals as inert pawns, powerless to change what is inevitable, regardless of the course and actions we take, regardless of the input or output of our free will.

We believe there must be an uncommon definition of destiny, one that fuses the free will of the designed with that of the Designer. So intricate is this fusion, it is incomprehensiblly and ubiquitously flowing in a dance of limitless possibilities, turnings and visionings which can at once be both inspired by and experienced with the Designer in the forms of Message and Messengership. This union of torch and torchbearer is a combustion igniting the font of oil in the lamp of the messenger’s vessel which now, as transmitter, is free to light the darkness with glowings of realization, achievement and hope.

A “messenger” is someone who is commissioned by and carries a message for the one who designed the message, to whom the messenger is duty-bound to deliver it. Relationship is the core of the commission; a true messenger is inextricably connected to the one who sends them. Though it is the messenger’s vessel, mind and spirit which express and convey the message, it is implicit the message belongs to—and therefore can only be manifested as—the impression of thought not original to the messenger but to the message’s Designer.

The Holy Spirit looks for and commissions messengers who understand and even crave to be partnered within this flowing dance of light in this way. No, it is not the way of the arrogant stridings of intellectuals who believe they alone contrive original thought and so become their own messenger when they write and publish their message. Rather, it is the way of a surrendered mind and will of humility yet made wonderfully vibrant and empowered by the messenger’s conscious connection to The Designer’s mind and will, in earnest expectation that when their message is published, it will make its designed impact on lives and then worlds. This is what is meant by “Spirit-led” messengers.

A beautiful thing about life is—regardless of your past or present situation—you can change whatever you have and whoever you are, starting any moment (especially now), to do and have and become whatever you imagine in your mind and feel in your heart and sense in your spirit is not just yours by choice but particularly—and more importantly—by design.

Connect your imagination and will to The Designer, and you have the core game plan to get you not just to but through your goal. By “through”, I refer to another beautiful thing about life, and that’s by reaching your goal (publishing your message), the power your goal fulfillment will unleash in you cannot help but ignite the best in others to happen. These are the lives you are meant to touch if (and this is the secret strategy for the formula) your intention is set upon making life even more beautiful for them as well as yourself.

If you know you have been sent to publish a message, sensing and knowing from deep within you that your mission and duty comes from The Creator’s designation for your life, may your messengership make you as “winds of the Spirit”. If you are such a messenger as this, may your books become “flames of fire” impacting lives in your Fervent Ascent, then impact worlds in theirs.

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