On a mission with a message?

We help inspiring, Spirit-led messengers, experts, creatives, organizations and business owners get published, promoted and prominent. 

Our customized white-glove publishing and publicity platform will produce, package and brand your message and promote your cause, product or service so you:

► reach your audience

► make your impact

► build your following

► fulfill your purpose

Stay on fire and inspire. (We’ll do the rest.)

Your Book Produced, Published & Distributed

We remove the burden of handling post-writing details so you can focus on your craft…

► We offer an “A to Z”, full-spectrum publishing experience (from book writing through to complete editing, book production, supported self-publishing and distribution)
► Our 
white-glove, full-service platform helps you write and fine-tune your book content to prepare it for your market. 
► We edit your manuscript, create an attractive cover, and design a beautiful interior layout for your book.
► We prepare your new book to be published in digital, print and audio formats.
► We then set up global eBook, softcover, hardcover and even audiobook distribution and sales—even in multiple languages.

Your Book Ghostwritten & Edited for You 

If you do not have the time (or writing chops) to write your own book but have the message and want to be involved…

► We provide ghostwriting services, too! You’d be amazed by how seamless this process is.
► This is the perfect solution if time (or writing talent) is an issue but you still want to leverage the power of having your own published book and associated promotion platform in place working for you to establish your expertise and authority.
► Our ghostwriters are brilliant, creative and each one has over a decade of experience writing compelling books behind the scenes for clients with a message but who need the firepower our ghostwriters provide to package and deliver it.

ghostwriter service

Your Customized Branding Platform Built & Promoted

We ensure your message, product and/or service finds and connects meaningfully with your ideal audience or target market, so you grow your visibility, following and sales faster. 

► Starting with a free strategy session to map out your publishing and publicity journey, we recommend the marketing and branding path to reach your goals within your budget range. For authors, campaigns begin right away, months before your book is actually published.   
► We offer managed book marketing services as well as media relations services so you become a recognized expert, bestselling author, and build a platform to become a sought-after speaker.
► Through strategic digital marketing and public relations campaigns customized for you and your mission, we inject the fuel you need to skyrocket your visibility and results.
► We build your brand and promote your online and offline assets and offerings so information about you and your mission not only reaches and engages prospects… you also grow your influence and open doors to fulfilling opportunities to (as we say) impact lives… then worlds!  
► While we are a supported self-publishing company, it is our managed marketing/PR services which set us apart for those with budgets to promote what they have written. We can provide you an extensive and powerful reach into the vast faith-based market and beyond. 
► Our managed marketing and PR/media relations campaigns can commence the first month of the publishing timeline (a 12-week process), as soon as your book is edited, in fact. By the time the book is published and distributed, you have a following and demand created for your book.

Marketing & Media Relations

Our Co-Author Collectives Imprint: Light of the World Books

In addition to offering complete publishing and marketing services for single authors, our imprint LIGHT OF THE WORLD BOOKS publishes co-authored titles which are books that are each a collective or anthology of a dozen or so authors’ messages on a particular topic or theme.

► For those who have not yet written or published their own book, co-authoring through our collectives is an excellent, cost-effective step toward realizing this goal… as soon as 10 weeks from now.  
► For more information, click here. 

Stephanie Winslow

Author, speaker, blogger and founder of Blind Spot Consultants

A Client’s Experience

“As an author, I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of publishing my own book, and my dream to get the story out was stifled by all of the steps. I nearly settled for an amateur version of my book because I did not know what was available and what was possible.

“David and his team have delivered seamless results that have catapulted my dreams into a reality. Their level of professionalism has been detailed and effective. I could not have done this project without them.

“Don’t let the steps of the publishing process scare you from stepping out and letting your message be heard. The time is now to get your book out. The time is now to share your message with the world. Lives are depending on it.”

Learn How We Can Launch YOUR Fervent Ascent

We help inspiring, faith-based authors, experts, creatives, organizations and business owners get published, promoted and prominent.

Our customized white-glove publishing and publicity platform will package and brand your message and promote your cause, product or service so you reach your audience, make your impact, build your following, and fulfill your purpose.

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